Anthony Duffy
Agile Project Manager

Digital Projects | CSM, Certified Scrum Master
BA, Media, Info & Tech. | MDM, Master of Digital Media

Team Dynamics

I place a premium on the health of the team dynamics. The heartbeat of success is continuity.


It's finite! Understanding how to manage it is to place value on it and to budget it accordingly.


Time is money. Trimming the fat on any project is half the battle. Refining sprint rhythm is the catalyst for delivering on time.


Getting from point A to point Z requires insightful leadership and the ability to track 10 steps ahead.

Project Management
Shipped Products

Over the past two years, I've had to privilege of working on some wonderful industry projects, learn more about the projects i've managed.

Why you should choose me

I've worked in both waterfall and agile environment, with companies such as Ogilvy, Aon, Mercedes-Benz, Telus Digital and more.


Years of experience
in waterfall and now agile.