Bundle Builder Website – Telus Canada

Project Details

Client Name
National Telecom Provider

Our team reimagined the bundle builder experience for Telus, one of Canada's big 3 telecom and digital media providers. In a UX heavy project, I had the pleasure of facilitating the sprint process as Scrum Master. We delivered ahead of schedule and saw elements of our deliverable deployed on the Telus website.   



Rapid Prototyping

In a 12 week project, hitting the ground running is more than a cliché. I implemented a Google Ventures kickoff sprint to rapid prototype (and have some fun too). The concept was pitched by week 02.


Sprint Rhythm and Harmony

Aside from daily stand ups and weekly retros, we implemented a solid (and fun) mid cycle retro that helped refine the process, kill the lag and see where we could get leaner and meaner. When the real challenges came (pivots etc.), the team was galvonised and ready for the challenge. 

  • Sprint Rhythm
  • Multiple Workhat Swarming
  • Mid Cycle Retros


In order to impress a top tier client like Telus, the team would need to not just present something outside the box but also communicate this vision clearly. The final presentation was coordinated with careful team handoffs that zoomed in the most important part of the solution, the UX. The solution was well recieved and contributed to a remake of the Telus bundle builder website.

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