Digital Touch Table – Mercedes-Benz

Project Details

Client Name
Automotive Fuel-Cell R&D

Mercedes-Benz Canada (Fuel-Cell Division) in Burnaby, British Columbia, approached our institution looking for a digital product that would exemplify Mercedes-Benz's relationship with Canadian industry, government and academia (research). We pitched a $30,000 80 point digital touch table for their Germany Pavillion at the Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa, Canada. The digital artefect was interacted with by dignataries and the general public.

Stress Testing before shipping:

Finished product on display at the Germany Pavillion:



Rapid Prototyping

Mercdes Benz wanted a digital solution to best illustrate their relationship with Canada + something that would impress the merits of fuel-cell technology (and zero emissions vehicles). Using Google Venture's design sprint, we utilised rapid protptyping, fast failing and a lean process to present the most exciting options to Mercedes-Benz


The Grand Mock Up

Sometimes teams have wonderful concepts, nonetheless, they have to be presented beautifully, but this isn't always an easy task in low to medium fidelity. Our grand sell was a carefully synchronised mock up featuring a ceiling mounted faced down projector on a table, with lights off and a two minute video and finger mocked dragging and dropping on a plastic table. It worked! 

  • Research
  • Lo and mid-fi demos
  • Adaptability


Mercedez-Benz is an established brand that essentially sells itself (prestige). So, our focus was not to enchance the Mercedes-Benz brand but to best illustrate the working relationship with Canada in way that is fun, engaging and informative, particularly as it relates to fuel-cell technologies.

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