Digital Concierge App – Sahra

Project Details

Client Name

Our task was to create a digital concierge app concept for a high-end Dubai boutique hotel. The application would have to intuitive and resourceful but not gimicky. It would need to be practical and have lasting appeal. The app would seek to brighten the day of guests and give them a pampered feeling.



Rapid Prototyping

Feature creep and scope are never more apparent than in a potential catch all hotel app. One of the most challenging tasks would be to keep our dreams big despite a finer scope. Using a keen feature matrix, we managed to chop down to the most fascinating and practical features that would keep guests using the app.


Sprint Rhythm and Harmony

We had a team full of experience and leadership which meant working different hats at different times. Many were new to Sprint and Agile so it was a learning process. Retros helped keep continuity at a high.

  • Sprint Rhythm
  • Scope and Timeline
  • Feature Matrixes


Sometimes 'wow' can be tacky. We needed to wow our client but create an app with practicality and lasting appeal. This meant 'killing our babies' more than once but we managed to create an app concept that had many angles for advanced development.

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